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The Beginning of Something Beautiful

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Hello World!

Introducing That Learning Guy!

Introducing That Learning Guy!

Sorry to start off with the cheesy introduction, but I’m ready to burst out onto the scene of the world wide web. For too long now, have I dwelt in anonymity and obscurity. For too long have I subjected myself to the whims of the world and those around me! I don’t want to sound too manifesto-y, but to be honest, I do feel like rising up! The world is becoming an ever more materialistic, misinformed, clusterfuck. Do not pardon my French! In the last few years, I’ve become more and more fed up with how things work (especially post-college). Seeing people slave away under 60 hour a week jobs, complaining about money or how hard their lives are when they aren’t learning, trying, or even remotely attempting to make their lives better! That is what has prompted me to jump onto the web. There is one crucial thing that all of these whiners, (unhappy) workaholics, and fools have in common. Somewhere along the line, they stopped learning.

Yup, that is the critical junction where many of their lives went wrong or veered onto the wrong path – took that wrong turn to Nowheresville, population 1209230840239. How many people do you know that just live everyday, day-in and day-out, following the same, monotonous grind? How many people do you know that are weekend warriors, fighting through the 40-60 hours to make it to the precious approximately 48 hours they get to feel really alive for (ironically where many drink and socialize to excess) before having to return to their zombie-esque routine? How many people do you know that are always whining about how people in their generation won’t retire until they are 75? This is a particular complaint I hear from people who are currently my age – 26 (BUT MAH SOCIAL SECURITAH?!). Boy. I’m just pretty darn tired of all of these complaints, excuses, and issues being thrown around, if you couldn’t tell.


Boohoo. Want some French Cries with that Whaaaburger?

“Complainers change their complaints, but they never reduce the amount of time spent in complaining.”

– Mason Cooley

I think that quote right there is probably one of the most appropriate things I have ever heard in my entire life. It really drives the point of this post (and kind of my site in general). I think if people spent half the time complaining, whining, or going through the motions as they did attempting to learn and develop themselves, then they would dwindle the amount of complaining they did exponentially over time. I’ll be the first to say it though, everyone complains at some point, and I sure am guilty of it. **GASP**, you say? I don’t want to try and sound like Mr. HASALLOFHISSHITTOGETHER because I believe one can never completely have all  of their shit together. It is a process of course, and one I am thoroughly enjoying the hell out of.  I can barely control all of these ideas in my head. They’re just buzzin’ around in there like bees. This site/blog is going to be completely dedicated to improving myself (and hopefully helping others along the way…that is the main goal after all), and to eventually ending the monotony, leaving the claustrophobic and clinging confines of a set work week and all of its (potential) woes behind. See, I am one of those people who want to be able to see the world and all it has to offer. I want to be able to spend a majority of my (future) childrens’ childhoods with them. I want to be able to work on what I want when I want, and not have to bend to the whims of the normal world.

I know this won’t be an easy process, and sometimes it definitely won’t be the most fun (who loves paying down DEBT?! Anyone??), but it will be completely worth it once the major rewards start rolling in. I want to be completely transparent about where I sit now, and where I go in the future, so at some point in the near future, I will be displaying my current finances for all to see! Well…with some obvious restrictions for privacy reasons – this ain’t Facebook after all. I believe learning combined with following your passion (whether that is painting, wood working, gardening, etc) and personal finance can lead to a wealthy, productive, and happy life. Here on this blog, I am going to aim to do exactly that, and show how it can work. Even if I don’t accomplish my own complete (and financial) independence in 10 years (36 years old), I am going to do the best damn job I can, and I want to bring you all along for the ride. How about we call it an interactive experiment? I like that sound of that (science!). So, look for continuous updates and information regarding personal finance, passion, and creativity!

Lastly, I want to apologize for publishing this post before completing my website! I am just too fired up to stay quiet about how I feel any longer. It’s time we all started to invest a little more in ourselves and our futures. We can all make this a reality together. So, please, feel free to follow along. No need to feel obliged, but I know that I will have at least something of substance to show you in the future, whether or not you believe it right now. Thanks for reading, and happy learning!

-That Learning Guy

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