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The March 2016 Income Report!

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The March 2016 Income Report

Hello Learning Folks! I apologize for my lack of reports over the past several months. Don’t worry, the future will be much more robust from here on out, with more detailed and consistent reports. I promise you that! Things have been busy these last couple of months. I completely overhauled the website, I began using the Thesis theme and even became an affiliate through shareasale.com! Well, that’s not all, check out the following list!

Additions to the Website

  • I started up the Smart FI Sprint Podcast
  • I signed-up for Google Adsense and I’ve placed some ads around the site for a couple of reasons:
    • I want to experiment with them and see how they collect revenue; I want to gain a better understanding of how they work
    • Well, who doesn’t want a little extra income, amiright?? I’ll be taking them down eventually, but, as stated above, I want to see how they work.
    • I plan on attempting some niche sites in the future, and figuring out how Adsense works now will be extremely helpful to profiting off of those.
  • Working on the Resources page to update it and find more great resources for all of you on your road to Financial Freedom!

 Active Income

Income From My Job

Yeah, I’m still working the daily grind, but planning to be free eventually (see ASAP!). However, on a positive note, I did get a raise! It was 2.9%, or a bump from $62k up to $63.8k. This is also great because it bumps up my bonus and my profit sharing since those are percentage based on my income. I will have another wage review come January, and I’m hoping some good things will happen then.  Can’t wait to find out because it’ll put me one step closer to Financial Freedom!

  • Day Job
    • $5316.67

Passive Income

Credit Cards

The following are the totals I’ve gained from my Credit Cards so far.

  • US Bank Visa Cash Plus Signature Card
    • Total: $108.99
    • March: $6.58
  • Sam’s Club Mastercard
    • Total: $112.29
    • March: $23.79
  • Amazon Rewards Visa
    • Total: $16.17
    • March: $4.35
  • Total Cash Back
    • Total: $237.45
    • March Total:  $34.72

So, I’ve had all of these cards for right around or less than a year, and in that time, I’ve already earned $237.45 cash back. Some has been redeemed, and some has not. For the US Bank card, the first time the amount is claimed, and if it is over $100, then you get $25! I’ll be claiming that here soon 😉

Advertisement Income

I earned my very first, truly passive income in March! Wanna take a stab at how much I earned?

smartfisprint.com Adsense Earnings – $0.05

Yup, that’s right! I earned a solid 5 cents, but you know what? I’m extremely proud of that amount. It’s the beginning of my path to earning passive income to support myself in the future! If I’m understanding Google Adsense correctly so far, that money is from impressions. Adsense gives you an estimate of how much revenue you can make per one thousand page views, and I’ve actually accrued 5 cents. Pretty neat!

Total Income

  • Day Job
    • $5316.67
  • Credit Cards
    • $34.72
  • Ad Revenue
    • $0.05
  • Total
    • $5351.44

So, that does it for this edition of the income report. In the future, I’m planning on getting a lot of affiliate links going around here in the near future as well. The only ones I’m really taking advantage of so far are the affiliate link for Thesis and my Web Hosting. I’m planning on becoming an affiliate for things I believe in/what I believe would be extremely helpful to all of you people out there, and I’ll let you know how those affiliate links work for profiting. Thanks for reading everyone! Hope ya found something helpful and/or interesting while you were here.

-That Learning Guy

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