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The April 2016 Income Report!

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Income Report

Hello again, all of you personal financiers! I hope things have been going well for you. Things have been plodding along as usual around here, but here is what has been going on in my life to attempt bringing in new sources of income, and how my income has been doing over the last month or so.


  • The Smart FI Sprint Podcast now has 5 episodes!
    • Between all episodes, I’ve had 23 unique downloads and 28 total downloads
  • I’ve connected the podcast to itunes, so it can be downloaded there now.
  • I’ve started podcasting my short stories that I currently have written. You can find those on my author website, and on itunes as well!
  • I’m going to start experimenting with Blubrry’s advertising program to see how that could be a potential source of income!

 Active Income

Income From My Job

Yeah, I’m still working the daily grind, but planning to be free eventually (see ASAP!). However, on a positive note, I did get a raise! It was 2.9%, or a bump from $62k up to $63.8k. This is also great because it bumps up my bonus and my profit sharing since those are percentage based on my income. I will have another wage review come January, and I’m hoping some good things will happen then.  Can’t wait to find out because it’ll put me one step closer to Financial Freedom!

  • Day Job
    • $5316.67

Passive Income

Credit Cards

The following are the totals I’ve gained from my Credit Cards so far.

  • US Bank Visa Cash Plus Signature Card
    • Total: $115.57
    • April: $0.00 (We never had to use this card, which is always a good sign!)
  • Sam’s Club Mastercard
    • Total: $140.88
    • April: $28.59
  • Amazon Rewards Visa
    • Total: $19.75
    • April: $3.58
  • Total Cash Back
    • Running Total: $276.20
    • April Total:  $32.17

So, I’ve had all of these cards for right around or less than a year, and in that time, I’ve already earned $237.45 cash back. Some has been redeemed, and some has not. For the US Bank card, the first time the amount is claimed, and if it is over $100, then you get $25! I’ll be claiming that here soon 😉

Advertisement Income

I earned my very first, truly passive income in March! Wanna take a stab at how much I earned?

smartfisprint.com Adsense Earnings – $0.05

I actually earned last month from Adsense, but this is because I didn’t come out with as much content, and thus, not as many page views. I have yet to get a click-through on the website, so this is why my values earned are such few cents, and not higher. Hopefully, as I attempt to try and increase traffic, this ad revenue can increase in value. As always, I’m going to try releasing more content to help everyone out, and I am interested to see how this impacts the ad revenue.

I’ve been trying to optimize SEO as well, so we will so how that affects traffic, if at all.

Affiliate Income

I’ll be discussing affiliate income more in the future as I get a better handle on things. As of now, I have made no money off of affiliate marketing. Stick around though, and hopefully you’ll find something useful!

Future Experiments

As stated above, I’m going to investigate advertising in my podcasting as a potential source of income in the future. I’m interested to see if the model is better than adsense.

I also plan on publishing two of my short stories to various eBook distributors after I finalize them! I’m interested to start exploring writing as a model of income.

I am now in a trial period of Camtasia Studio, which is a screen cap and video editing software, which I intend to use to make helpful tutorials for things ranging from

Total Income

  • Day Job
    • $5316.67
  • Credit Cards
    • $32.17
  • Ad Revenue
    • $0.02
  • Total
    • $5348.86

So, that does it for this edition of the income report for April. Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you found something helpful and/or interesting while you were here. Let me know what you think in the comments!

-That Learning Guy

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