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Since I want to build this site on trust and honesty, blog posts and podcast show notes may contain affiliate links to various products and/or services I put the Smart FI seal of approval on. They are a way for me to make some earnings on the content I generate here and are entirely voluntary. Thank you all for being awesome!

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Past Month’s Happenings

It is time to discuss October. In case you guys didn’t know, there are less than eight weeks until Christmas…That Learning Gal has already busted out the Christmas albums. I mean, I like Christmas music as much as the next guy–and God bless my wife–but the ear plugs will probably be inserted around December 2nd.

October was a busy son-of-a-gun!

1. My Book Got Edited, and Boy, Did It Get Edited

That heading is no lie. My editor did a lot of tearing up of the plot. If I didn’t think I was going to get my money’s worth on that one, then I was horribly wrong. I paid $200 for her services. The value I received from that modest investment was well worth it, and will be extremely helpful going forward. The next steps are to compile the book for self-publishing and then continue pushing the marketing and put the thing up on the market place!

2. That Learning Gal and I Are in the Process of Purchasing Our First Home

This one is a little obvious since I’ve been writing a series of blog posts on the subject, but she and I are getting out first house! Now, things aren’t completely set in stone yet. There are a few more items which need taken care of, but all of the major obstacles to acquiring the home are nearly complete! We just need to get our appraisal completed, make sure the seller has completed the items we asked for them to fix as part of the inspection, and do a final walk-through (and yeah, all of the paperwork…). After that we’ll be good to go.

The house is of modest price, leaving us with a PITIP (principal, interest, taxes, insurance, and PMI), which should only be marginally more expensive than our current rent is right now.

The Report

And now we finally come to the income report:

Income SourceEstimated ($, USD)Actual Monthly ($, USD)Percentage Change From Last Month (%)
Day Jobs56006010.17-12.02
Credit Cards - Cash Back17.0031.9932.39
Affiliate Links0.000.000

So, things have remained relatively steady. I haven’t had any big increases.

I’m not going to let that get me down though! So, to go a little further in depth in each…

Day Jobs:

We continued to make more in our day jobs than the estimate. I’ve started to include bonuses received in this amount because they are never guaranteed, so when they occur, they will be counted in the day job section.

Although we had a higher than estimated income, it still dropped by around 12% from last month. Both That Learning Gal and I should be receiving raises in the near future, however, so hopefully we can see the estimate here increase.


The advertisement block held relatively steady in October. Advertisement revenue decreased by 17.19%. This is due to a lack of clicks on advertisements on my website.

However, much of the ground was made up by my first YouTube video! Diversifying definitely seems to have its advantages, just like when it comes to investments.

Hopefully I can continue to see this area grow going forward. It just requires more visitors to the site and YouTube views.


This section continues to sit at zero. As I stated in Last Month’s Happenings above, I plan on publishing my first book before the end of the year, so hopefully we can see this section begin to gain some traction over the course of the next few months. Wish me luck!

Credit Cards – Cash Back:

As I always say, this is a bittersweet area of the income report. Seeing a higher number is good because that means we are earning more cash back! However…it also means that we are spending more. Sad face, :,(

We continue to heavily leverage the Sam’s Club Mastercard because of its awesome cash back potential. However, I am looking into other credit cards and the possibility of churning, especially after we acquire the house we’re trying to buy.

Affiliate Links:

This is a new area I am going to try to expand into. I’ve begun to look at several different affiliate networks, the two biggest being Amazon and CJ Affiliates. Both seem to have some serious profit potential.

Just as a heads-up, I promise if I qualify and start using these affiliate sources, I will not abuse them. This site will never just be about affiliate and advertisement revenue. It’s about spreading the word of FIRE, fiscal responsibility, and frugality. However, if I find resources, products, or tools that are valuable to you guys, and I can profit, I think it only makes sense!


That is the income report for October. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Hopefully future iterations can be more exciting as new sources of income pop up and become successful.

Have any questions? Maybe you can think of a way for me to improve the report and the information it provides?

Maybe you have a sweet income idea or you have a profitable venture going right now? Let’s hear it! As always, I’d love to discuss. Thanks, everyone. Have a great weekend.

-That Learning Guy

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