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Past Month’s Happenings

Man, November flew by (and December too)! It was crazy productive and busy. There was NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, Thanksgiving, finalizing things with the house, getting sick, and more. Obviously, my FIRE-seeking friends, there were bad and good things lumped in there. For one, I’ll never understand why people decided to make NaNoWriMo during a month with a major National Holiday (for Americans). Writing 50,000 words isn’t the easiest when you’re traveling and spending time with friends and family for a week out of the month!

…but I digress. December has already come and gone (there will be another round of these posts for that in a bit), so let’s hurry and get into the November reports to see how things looked back then.

1. That Learning Gal and I CLOSED ON THE HOUSE!

Sorry about the caps! I hope they weren’t too annoying, but we are so stoked! Now we have a place to call our own. We got the offer of 165k accepted, and after everything was said and done, our mortgage ended up being about 156k.

Our monthly payment is $942.50! This includes, taxes, insurance, prinicpal, interest, and the PMI we’re currently paying (but we hope to remove quickly). We have a little over 8% of the homes value paid currently (it appraised for $170k, but we got for $165k). Our idea now is to make extra payments every month on the mortgage. After we finish paying off our private student loan, we are going to take some of that money and make extra payments with it.

We also began re-painting all of the rooms in the house, which was an arduous process. In the December report, I’ll be sure to share pictures with you guys! This activity took up a significant amount of my time.

In addition to that, we did a bunch of other things, such as touching up the ceilings, cleaning, etc. If you haven’t noticed, That Learning Gal and I are getting pretty good at this adulting thing.

2. I typed about 26k words for NaNoWriMo!

No, I didn’t quite reach the goal of 50k words, just a little over half of that in fact, but it was a valiant effort despite all of the challenges. We were looking for a house that whole month, there was Thanksgiving and more!

Well, since I’m trying to bust through these reports (since I’m a slacker and I’m late on the last two), let’s get down to business!

The Report

And now we finally come to the expense report:

Bills Monthly EstimatesMonthly Actual ($, USD)Change From Last Month (%)
Car Insurance113.42113.420
Mobile Phone44.1637.2517.40
Online Television18180
Gym Membership6000
Life Insurance10.7600
Renter's Insurance12.2612.260.98
Student Loans210021000
Car Payment159.62159.620
Car Service/Parts6068.85N/A
Dining Out150159.4925.93
Fast Food4036.42-110.9
Online Business/Writing10023276.38

The following are areas of note for November:

Online Business/Writing

This category had a much higher expenditure level than usual! That’s because the payments for the editing of my short story/Novella, Sometimes It Pays, came due. The total for that experience was $220, and I must say, it was completely worth it. It is super exciting to be progressing toward the goal of getting something published!

Personal Budget/Expenditures

This area jumped up a bit from October. As you’ll see in December’s expense report, we didn’t do the greatest job of restricting personal expenditures. This will be the main area we work on for 2017.


Our expenses for November were almost 10% higher than they were in October. This happened because of the amount of personal spending that occurred, in addition to the cyclical increase in grocery spending.

Have any questions about how we are spending our money, or how we are going about reducing our spending? Feel free to ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to reply. The battle to reign in spending is a never-ending one, and I wish all of you Personal Financiers the best of success!

As always, let’s talk about our spending and budgeting in the comments! Was there a week point for you guys in November? Let’s discuss!

-That Learning Guy

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