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Past Month’s Happenings

This December report is gonna be quick so we can move on to January. The house purchase went smoothly in November, and we began to modify and improve (in our opinion) on the house in December. Here are some pictures to show you how things looked originally:

First Time Home Purchase Pictures Inside Kitchen

Front of the Kitchen facing front of the house!

First Time Home Purchase Pictures Inside Kitchen

The back of the kitchen.

First Time Home Purchase Pictures Inside Living Room

The “Great Room” aka the living room. Rockin’ the fireplace!

First Time Home Purchase Pictures Porch Outside

The porch, shed, and backyard!

First Time Home Purchase Pictures Outside Front

The front of the house. For reference, the kitchen is on the left.

First Time Home Purchase Pictures Outside Garage

Finally, we have the front of the house and the garage! How about that stone facade?

So, without further adieu, let’s bust it out.

The Report

And now we finally come to the expense report:

DebtAmount ($, USD)Percentage Change From Last Month (%)Investments/Cash/Assets Amount ($, USD)Percentage Change From Last Month (%)
Student Loans43,418.08-4.35401k/IRAs10,484.965.21
Credit Card00Money12,834.350
Auto Loan8938.72-1.75Vehicles73290

The following are areas of note for December:


We added a mortgage to our debt. This was the major cause for the decrease in our net worth, although we did get to add some equity to those numbers as well, which is always good!



As always, let’s talk about our investing and debt in the comments! Was there any kind of big change for your net worth in December? Let’s discuss!

-That Learning Guy


I’ll be sure to put some updated pictures in January’s reports!

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