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Past Month’s Happenings

This December report is gonna be quick so we can move on to January. The house purchase went smoothly in November, and we began to modify and improve (in our opinion) on the house in December. Here are some pictures to show you how things looked originally:

First Time Home Purchase Pictures Inside Kitchen

Front of the Kitchen facing front of the house!

First Time Home Purchase Pictures Inside Kitchen

The back of the kitchen.

First Time Home Purchase Pictures Inside Living Room

The “Great Room” aka the living room. Rockin’ the fireplace!

First Time Home Purchase Pictures Porch Outside

The porch, shed, and backyard!

First Time Home Purchase Pictures Outside Front

The front of the house. For reference, the kitchen is on the left.

First Time Home Purchase Pictures Outside Garage

Finally, we have the front of the house and the garage! How about that stone facade?

The house is awesome and we are loving it. So, without further adieu, let’s bust this report out.

The Report

And now we finally come to the expense report:

BillsMonthly EstimatesMonthly Actual ($, USD)Change From Last Month (%)
Car Insurance113.42113.420
Mobile Phone44.1636.33-2.53
Online Television18180
Gym Membership6000
Life Insurance10.7600
Renter's Insurance12.2612.260
Student Loans210021000
Car Payment159.62159.620
Dining Out150181.1911.98
Fast Food4076.5352.41
Online Business/Writing/Marketing10012-1833.33

The following are areas of note for December:


Our expenditures on groceries dropped precipitously from last month. This was in part due to the fact we had bought a bunch of stuff right at the end of the month before, and we ate out a lot because we were at the house a lot of late nights painting and what not.

Personal Budget/Expenditures

Again…this area was not great…haha 🙁 (*sobs quietly while typing on keyboard*). There are a few exceptions as to why it was so high. First, we paid in advance for a Broadway play we are going to see in February, which wasn’t very cheap. It was about $200 after all of the taxes, fees, etc. That Learning Gal also acquired her brand new Nexus 5X! That wasn’t cheap either, at $266 smack-a-roos. Those two things alone made up half of the personal expenditures we made. So, still not great, but not really the Earth shattering amount the number conveys.

Home Improvement/Home Upkeep

These are new categories that appeared in December due to the fact that we now have a home to both improve and keep things up on. We bought tons of paint, spackle, tools, etc., for the house!


Our expenses continued to climb in December, by 13.63% over November, which itself was a big climb from October. The main reason for this is the purchase of our home that we spent approximately $1200 improving and maintaining. This should be well worth the money though! That Learning Gal and I look forward to moving into our House in January. Hope you enjoyed the breakdown and the pictures of the progress we are making.

As always, let’s talk about our spending and budgeting in the comments! Was there a weak point for you guys in December? Let’s discuss!

-That Learning Guy


I’ll be sure to put some updated pictures in January’s reports!

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