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Past Month’s Happenings

This January report should get some more depth than I was able to afford over the past couple of months, especially since I was trying to bust the previous reports out. The house purchase went smoothly in November, and we began to modify and improve (in our opinion) on the house in December through to late January. Here are some pictures to show you how things look now after we have modified and worked on the house to make it our own!

Office DIY First Home First House

That Learning Guy’s Liar!

Kitchen Update DIY

The kitchen. We got rid of the tangerine and replaced it with a gray-blue color (with a name that sounds very soothing).

Kitchen DIY

The front of the kitchen facing outside!

Living Room Update DIY

The pièce de résistance! Old fireplace on left, new, white-washed fireplace on right.

Living Room DIY First Home

Living room before and after!

How about that fireplace? That Learning Gal did work, am I right? That thing just ties the whole room together.

We also did a ton to other rooms in the house. We repainted every single room to a more neutral color, we installed new hardware (toilet paper holders, towel racks, towel hooks, etc.) in both of the bathrooms, and we installed a new toilet in the master bathroom! We had the service door in the garage replaced because there was a giant (unneeded) doggy door in the old one, in addition to wood boring insect damage in the trim around it. We hung curtain rods in the living room, installed a carbon monoxide detector, and more!

Needless to say, the house is awesome and we are loving it. It’s becoming more and more ours every day. It had taken up a majority of our time over the last couple of months (and I have been taking a Project Management Professional certification course two nights a week). So, I hope to be back here full force starting now! Now, without further adieu, let’s bust this report out.

The Report

And now we finally come to the income report:

Income SourceEstimated ($, USD)Actual Monthly ($, USD)Percentage Change From Last Month (%)
Day Jobs60006212.733.08
Credit Cards - Cash Back17.0048.6087.79
Affiliate Links0.000.000

Day Jobs:

The wife and I both got our annual raises! If you’ll recall, back in March of 2016, I received a raise. This was my six month review and helped my salary keep pace with inflation. I then had my annual review in January.

Now, sometimes it might be true that hard work doesn’t necessarily pay off from a raise standpoint. After all, significant number of good raises are now acquired through promotions and getting a position at a different company, but I during my first year and a half with my new company, I was able to acquire an almost 10% total raise!

Obviously this is great for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we can more aggressively pay down debt, but it also increases contributions to my 401k!


Nothing of note occurred in this category.


Nothing of note occurred in this category.

Credit Cards – Cash Back:

Nothing of note occurred in this category.

Affiliate Links:

Nothing of note occurred in this category.


We had some significant gains in income from last year at this point. In total, we are making about $7k more than we were the year before! This doesn’t take into account increases in bonuses, 401k contributions, etc., which also have a small net increase.

Was anyone else able to secure increased or new income from last year? I know I’d love to hear about it. Let’s get a discussion going while we’re at it! Have a great day, everyone!

-That Learning Guy

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