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Past Month’s Happenings

The February report. Man…how time flies by! I can’t believe it is already March. It has been a long, slow process in getting back into the swing of things. I know many of you probably realized I have been out of the loop for a while now. There are multiple reasons for that.

Numero Uno:

I was taking a class to prepare for the Project Management Professional exam. It was twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5;30 to 8:30 pm. It lasted all the way from the first week of January to the last day of February.

Now that it is over, I’m hoping to get back into the rhythm of things. Now I just need to readjust to working out four to five days a week…lol.

Numero Dos:

I’ve been trying to focus a lot more on my writing. For too long, I’ve been neglecting what I feel is a need in my life, and that is to write, specifically fiction of various sorts.

I’ve decided to make a big push to self-publish this year, and the way I’m going to go about that is by publishing under multiple genres and under multiple pen names. This will allow me to practice all the skills I need to be a successful, selling author: obviously my writing skills, editing skills, my self-publishing and marketing skills. All of this while also allowing me to create passive income streams for myself.

Hopefully over the course of the next few months, you can actually start to see an increase in the Income Reports with respect to the books category. If things start to take of here, I’m going to report back on my findings. After all, if you never publish anything, you’ll never sell anything!

Numero Tres:

Working on the house. We’ve finally hit a point where we no longer have to actively work on the house to improve or maintain where it is at. We’ve gotten new furniture, installed shelves, hung pictures, painted, repaired, moved, and we have very few things left to do as of now (the landscaping is completely out of our heads…for now).

So, I look forward to not having to do house related things for a little while in the upcoming future. Now, without further rigmarole, let’s move on to the report!

The Report

If you didn’t notice just now, I have decided to no longer use TablePress to place my expense reports. This format is more raw, and it involves much less copy and pasting, and will allow me to get the reports out faster.

The following are areas of note for February:


In this area, we couldn’t get our internet or television to work, so we had to pay Comcast to send a technician out to take care of the issue. Lo and behold, it apparently (I wasn’t there, That Learning Gal was) only took the guy 15 minutes of tinkering around and a splitter to fix the issue.

Now, I’m no MacGyver, but I feel like if I took the time to Google or just perform a little research on what these guys do, I could probably replicate it…well, I guess there could be a special tool you might need…

Bah! Anyways, we ended up with a bill of $124.53, $65.17 higher than normal because of that. Wish I had a job where I could make $65.17 an hour.

Student Loans

 As you can see, we paid $3100 on our student loans in February! We have made it a goal to pay off all of our student loans which have above a 5% interest rate as soon as possible so we can begin throwing money into our tax advantaged accounts by the kaboodle-full.

At the rate we are going, we should be able to pay off said student loans within the next 5-6 months, which will vary with if we want to be even a little more aggressive or not, but look for this to be a constant over the coming months.


I believe I am going to increase our grocery budget. Over the past year, it appears that we average more than $300 per month in groceries. So, this will be increased to be more realistic. It’s my fault. I have a pretty high metabolism that lends to a higher intake of calories (that and the fact I am trying to pack on some muscle!).

Trash and Water

He had to begin paying for both trash and water in the month of February! Water was covered by the seller until February. Trash we didn’t have until a little bit later in the month. Look for these to stay relatively steady.

Gas and Electric

I broke these out into two separate categories to be a little more transparent, and to see which one really makes up the bulk of our spending

Dining Out

It was Valentine’s Day! We went out for a nice dinner, but definitely spent more than we should have knowing we were going to be doing that. It’s always a battle being mindful of your spending, but at the same time making sure you enjoy the moments when they come.

We decided the experience was worth the price.

Personal Spending

Now, this is where That Learning Gal and I have been falling down tremendously of late. We completely blow our personal spending out of the water.

I know it is terrible, she knows it’s terrible, and we are putting measures in place to try and limit this spending as thoroughly as we can. The small things add up quickly when you place them in here.


We were both ill in February, and That Learning Gal went to a clinic to make sure she didn’t have Strep Throat! So, medicines and appointments added up that month.


That Learning Gal had to renew her registration, so that was the price paid by her.


Here is where we also spent a lot of money. We decided to book our trip for our one year anniversary! This is one of those situations where the experience, and thus the money spent will be extremely worth the money going into it.

So, we don’t feel bad at all about the money spent here. We’re going to spend a night in Memphis, get some awesome barbecue, and then head down to New Orleans for the next four nights! We’re going to spend an evening on the Mississip watching the fireworks for the Fourth o’ July!

It’s gonna be a grand time.


Our expenses have finally tapered off and started to drop again! Halle-freakin’-lujah. Our expenses dropped by 12.65% from January. This trend should accelerate in March, and we should see something closer to normal and sane levels of spending.

The only reason expenses were so high in February is because of booking a vacation, getting some stuff lined up with friends for the summer, and unique costs like paying Comcast for a dude to hook up our TV and internet and re-registration on That Learning Gal’s car.

I hope you enjoyed the breakdown for February!

As always, let’s talk about our spending and budgeting in the comments! Was there a weak point for you guys in February? Let’s discuss!

-That Learning Guy

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