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Podcast Hierarchy of Needs and Financial Independence

The Smart FI Sprint Podcast EP 008: Are You Meeting Your Needs?

Hi, everyone! Today I discuss the topic of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I discuss what they are, and how they can impact your ability to reach Financial Independence. However, on the flip-side of that, I also detail how you can use the knowledge as a tool to push your Financial Independence forward. I hope you [...]

Smart FI Sprint EP 007: To Rent or to Own? That is the Question

The Smart FI Sprint Podcast EP 007: To Rent or to Own? That is the Question

Sorry it has been over two months since my last podcast guys! Things have been super busy around here, what with getting married, getting furniture, my new wife’s birthday…Pokemon Go came out…it has been crazy! However, I’m back, and today we’re going to discuss renting versus buying the place you live. What you think is [...]

Freshen Your View

Smart FI Sprint Podcast Episode 006: Freshen Your View

Hey, everyone! Sorry it has been so long since the last podcast. It has been almost a month since the last one. I can’t even believe that. When you’re getting married, time flies, I suppose! Lately I’ve been feeling a little demotivated when it comes to a lot of stuff, so I decided a pep-talk [...]

Emergency Fund Podcast

The Smart FI Sprint Episode 005: The Emergency Fund

Join me today as I discuss that enigmatic topic – the emergency fund! An emergency fund is a key piece of having a healthy and successful life. If you want to keep your stress about your financial position and your life to a minimum, the emergency fund will bestow a sense of ease. See below [...]

ATM Machine

Smart FI Sprint Podcast EP 004: Profit or Pass? Private ATM Machines

Well, this is it folks! The very first podcast regarding income I have had the pleasure of recording. This is the first income idea I’ve started to dive into. I plan on recording more episodes on the topic, so stick around. Now, listen to the podcast, and then read the show notes below. I promise [...]

Smart FI Sprint Podcast EP 003: Financial Independence Milestones & Intro to Stock Market Financial Independence

Today we’re going to discuss how to gauge your progress towards reaching your financial independence. It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds! I’ve also decided to dive a little into the stock market and reaching financial freedom. Plus some neat tools to help you plan on how to get there, whether you’re there in [...]

Smart FI Sprint Podcast EP 002: The Magic of Compounding Interest

Another podcast in the beginning series regarding the basics of Financial Independence! We all need to know about compounding interest because it controls our financial lives. It allows us to see what that new loan really costs us. How our investments can grow overtime, and the cost benefit analysis of buying something new vs. investing [...]

Smart FI Sprint Podcast EP 001: What is Financial Freedom?

Welcome all of my fellow learners! I hope you’re ready for the journey of a lifetime. We’re going to begin the show by discussing what financial independence is, various ways of getting there, why I want to pursue it, and why I think we all should strive for financial freedom. Come along for the ride! [...]