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Welcome to the Repository of Knowledge Resources!

Resources and treasures abound in the pages below. I hope you will find them as useful as I have. They are broken down by category, type of resource, and ranked in usefulness. Being up front and honest as this site is meant to be, there are affliliate links below for several of the products. Some lead to Amazon (like the books) and some lead to the actual servicer’s website. If you click on the link and decide to buy/sign-up for the product or service, this site will be credited with a commission. For a lot of these items, I don’t earn a cent! However, if I do, it is a great way to help out the site if you are interested, and of course, any patronage is always appreciated! Now, all you learning guys and gals, get ready for some knowledge bombs!

General Reading

In the following category, you’ll find sources that I consider great places to start your financial independence journey, whether those sources are other blogs, wiki sites, or forums. I want the best for all of you FI sprinters!

This is Reddit, r/Frugal! It is a forum where like minded frugalites get together and discuss ways to try and save money, whether that be finding a cheap way to remove wrinkles from clothes or finding ways to best spend a gift card. It’s a great place to ask questions and to receive answers, especially if That Learning Guy is late on the draw!

This is Reddit, r/FinancialIndependence! It is a forum for people who are interested in Financial Independence, just like all of us here! Discussion is anything related to FI. Anything from how people make a passive income to their safe withdrawal rate. Please, check it out. It has a helped me a lot.

Investopedia is a wiki-like resource that has definitions, explanations, and more regarding anything and everything financial. You can read about current financial news, learn about price to earnings ratios, and much, much more. I highly suggest it to learn the basics.

Retirement/Financial Independence Calculators

These things are wonderful. Pure and simple. People have created them out of the kindness of their own hearts, and I thank them immensely for it. You can plug in lots of different information in these to help you plan for retirement. They’ll show you how successful your plan is based on historical data of equities! Take the time to learn these calculators, and you’ll have a good idea of where you’re sitting for your retirement/financial independence!

The number one financial independence calculator that I recommend! It is by far the most robust. Using all sorts of data from your investment allocation to reduced spending as you age to leaving some money for your kids, this calculator will tell you your success rate with tons of historical data applied to your situation.

This is another handy financial independence calculator, especially if you find FIRECalc a little hard to master at first. cFIREsim will give you lots of options for figuring out your path to financial independence as well.

The third and final calculator I recommend is the Mustache Calc! Named after the early retirement sage, Mr. Money Mustache, it has calculators for everything from how much your car really costs you (hint: A LOT), to a basic time to FI calculator. It’s kind of a swiss army calculator; great for a lot!

Web Tools

If you’re considering starting your own blog or your own website, then look no further! I am in a constant process of cataloging the very best in web tools to make your new site successful – and hopefully – profitable because that is my goal for this site. You’ll find everything from web hosting to video recording software. Always make sure to check back for new additions!

Siteground. I performed meticulous research when it came to where I was going to host my websites. Days and days I devoted in search, until I found the company I was comfortable with. Siteground has been amazing since day one. As soon as you sign-up, they help you setup your account, and will even aid you in creating your first website! They have tutorials on Wordpress, Joomla, and more. Their super helpful support team even helped me transfer my site when many companies make you transfer yourself. I highly recommend them.

How smart is your Theme?  How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress.

Thesis is my go to website creation tool. I tried to find an optimum, premium theme for this website. I looked at all of the competitors, and Thesis consistently came out on top. I couldn’t have been happier because it allowed me to build this whole website myself. Even if you’re not well versed in HTML and CSS, this will make small changes and chores easy. The customer support is quick and great too!