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The Wealth Reports

So, this may be a page many people who visit it are surprised by. As of now, it definitely isn’t because of the wealth (there is a distinct lack of that at the moment). It is because many people do not elect to display this information. However, I think it truly shows what hard work can do for you, and how big of a climb it is to reach Financial Independence. I will display my investments, how they are dispersed among various classes, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. What companies I do business with and more!

It will be awesome to look back years from now, and be able to see my month-by-month progress towards my FI goals. As such these wealth updates will be used as a motivational tool for myself, to keep me going and to help me visualize how I am doing over time, with the goal being that I continually increase my net worth. Wealth is the way to FIRE, and I hope these reports will be as motivational to you as they are to me!